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I loved you before I knew you!

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An Open and Honest Letter to My Baby Girl

Dear Baby MJ,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written to you, but when something extremely important happens I always think…this is a lesson I need to document so that one day you might learn from it as well.

 I NEVER want you to think you are better than someone else, I want you to worry about you and be the best you that you can be, but occasionally there will be someone who wants to throw you off your game, and you will want to acknowledge them…DON’T.

Here’s the thing little mama, We will probably always live a public life. People have followed your life since before you were actually born, and because of what mommy and daddy do, people have followed us since mommy was a teenager.

With that comes a lot of positivity, I have learned so much from so many people that I don’t even know. I have been blessed by complete strangers.

It also brings a lot of negativity…

People say things, they do things, because they are not happy with themselves. Don’t EVER let anyone’s self hate affect you.

I am going to tell you some real things, I am going to be blunt and if you have questions…ask but these are some things you need to be aware of.

People who CONSTANTLY talk about getting money, usually and probably don’t have any. Those that do, don’t have the need to talk about it. They don’t want people to know or talk about their finances. In other words sweetie, I have busted my ass to create a college fund for you, so you don’t need to talk about money, you need to be quiet :)

People who are always grinding and hustling and documenting it all on social media, can’t be hustling and grinding too hard or they wouldn’t be able to spend so much time documenting their efforts. I respect a side hustle, I respect the hell out of people who bust their ass…but if you EVER need the real definition of a hustler, go have a conversation with grandma Judy or MIMA, these two ladies are grinders, they are hustlers. Without college degrees, they raised kids alone and they did it with grace. They worked normal jobs, that underpaid them and overworked them, but somehow they came out on top. And they never needed to tell anybody about their struggle.

Don’t let ANYBODY mess with what you have built. Your success, your family, your peace of mind…these are things that need to be protected at all cost. Whoever and whatever attempts to infiltrate what you have worked so hard to establish does not belong anywhere near you or your family. Surround yourself only with people who add to your life.

Let me reiterate something to you, I NEVER want you to think you are better than anybody else. I want you to work hard, be a good person and laugh as much as possible…These are things that I am teaching you daily.

and if you do feel the need to talk about how much money you have…I hope it’s because you are doing something amazing with it, like donating.

If you need a side hustle or you’re grinding do it because you have an inner hunger for more, for something bigger, to do something good. Not because you want to portray a life you really don’t live. Clothes, bags, jewelry that’s all nice and you can buy those things if you are working for them, but you don’t need to tell the world about it. Do it for YOU baby girl because you deserve what you have worked for and you don’t have to prove yourself to ANYBODY.

and if somebody does try to infiltrate your life in a negative way…just remember that Pink Picket Fence I told you about.

I hope these things will help you in your path of self discovery… I really do. Stay humble, grounded and self aware.

I wanted to write this to you because it’s very easy to stoop to someone’s level. I don’t want you to ever consider yourself above others because there’s never really any good reason to ego out, but occasionally you will realize that you are.

Not because you have more, or you’re more successful, but because of how you carry yourself, what you stand for, what you tolerate and what you DON’T tolerate. So that moment when you want to stoop to that level that someone is trying to pull you down to…remember in that moment that mommy says you are better than them…

Let them hate on you, who the hell cares. If me and your dad are proud of you… they DON’T matter. If the people who love you don’t have a problem with who you are, don’t you dare question what some random has the audacity to say about you.

Truth moment: Every now and then your momma has slipped up and told a person just what I think about them and their actions, but today I realized that a ridiculous person knows that they are ridiculous…they don’t need us to remind them :)

I love you baby girl, just be the best YOU. That’s all I ask :)


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