Mommy Letters to Baby!

I love you Already!

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Dear Baby,

This weekend we FINALLY found out what you are! WOW! We are overwhelmed with love for you and it was so beautiful to see so many people show up who are just as excited as us!

I can’t lie to you baby I was totally shocked. For months I had thought you were one thing. I had many dreams but I could never tell the gender.  Then one night I finally had a gender dream but it was different than what I had been thinking all along. 

It was very hard not knowing, I wanted to refer to you as my baby boy or baby girl. I wanted to call you by your name :)

But then the day came and it was magical.  A day filled with love, family and heartfelt messages to you.  WOW how loved you are! How loved you will always be.

Baby girl! My baby girl, I love you with every breath I take, with every beat of my heart.  I wish for you love, happiness, faith, health and a beautiful family one day. I can’t wait for the moment you realize you have daddy wrapped around your finger.

I am terrified of your first love and even more so for your first heartbreak. I am scared for the moments where I won’t be there to guide you…I hope we will teach you well enough to make the right choices.

Baby girl! My baby girl, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms and to meet you!

I love you!


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